Friday, September 16, 2011

Franken Friday, Mustard

Mustard Franken.

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

This is the franken that I made last week, this is the POST. So I decided to wear it today as a mani. I also added a tiny bit of clear nail polish to make somewhat jelly, cause as we all know yellow polishes are streaky. Can you see the bits of flakies and glitter that I added? I love this color, it looks so classy and it is my first time wearing a mustard yellow. This is all for today, have a great day and an exciting weekend!

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  1. Its in the end paragraph, lol the last sentence...

  2. yo no soy amante a los amarillos pero te quedo regio!

  3. @Cottoncandy, Sandra and Laquerlove, thxs girls !!!
    @Roxanne, odio el amarillo en las uñas por eso trate este combo y se ve bien neutral, me gusta pero t digo he sabido pintarme las uñas d amarillo pollito y no estar ni quince minutos con ellas!

  4. This is very pretty! Love the subtle shimmer!

  5. Hey Doll! I gave you an award :)

  6. you've got yourself some crazy color ;-D


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