Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kleancolor Holo Pink

Kleancolor Holo Pink.

Good Morning:

   I hope everyone is doing good today! This is Kleancolor Holo Pink, a baby pink with scattered holo particles, it is not dense, just a little bit of holo.  Kleancolors smell very badly, are gloppy but the colors are gorgeous!  I bought this shade here, the guy who helped me with my order, Brian, was very courteous and he did a great job. Since I hit the submit button two additional times, rofl, then my credit card got charged two additional times. He was very kind and patient with me, thanks Brian!

   Yeah I did a tiny bit of animal print nail art today, :-P I tried it with the Art Club Stripers. I think for it to be my third time in my life to try it, turned out pretty good.  I am a lefty and you all know how that goes, right hand comes out awesome and the left hand, yikes! not so hot.  But I promised myself to practice, and I have acrylic paints so, next I try and do both hands with acrylics, so if I mess up I can wipe it and start over :-)

Take care my lovelies!




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  1. cute color, nice mani :-D
    i don't like kleancolor anymore, they're champions of slow drying polishes, it takes an eternity for them to dry :-(
    the acrylic paints are much more easier for practice than nail polishes ;-)

  2. so pretty! i havent tried kleancolor nailpolishes but i like some of their shadows! love the zebra stripes!!! <3

  3. @nailcrazy, I hate their dry time! But the colors are lovely and can be used as frankening bases mixed with a quick dry clear topcoat. Def acrylics are awesome to do designs :-D
    @Cassandra, I have not tried their makeup, where do they sell them? I luv aminal print, I have a comforter, a shirt, 2 placemats and two tank tops.

  4. obvio, si es brilloso me encanta!
    y el diseño te quedo super bien. gracias por mencionar lo de las pinturas, no habia pensado en lo practico de poder sacartelas con agua y empezar otra vez

  5. @Fingers, Laquerlove, thxs girlies! Laquerlove u were the one who motivated me!
    @Roxanne, nena, las acrilicas son un exito, de veras q para principiantes es lo mejor y compre un set d pinceles en Born Prettt baratisimos, junto con un set d Dotting tools :-D


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