Monday, September 19, 2011

Zoya Reese and NYX Gilded Glitter

Zoya Reese and NYX Gilded Glitter.

Good Morning my dearies!

   Today I have another Zoya called Reese, wonder if they named that after Reese Witherspoon, (lol, my son calls her Reese Babyspoons).  Anyways Reese is a pink duochrome that flashes Gold and Pink in different lighting, it is a gorgeous color, I applied two coats followed by one coat of Out The Door, but at first I thought it looked kinda old lady like, rofl!! And most of you know the mind of a polishaholic that cannot leave a color alone, so I added that loved NYX Gilded Glitter which are Gold Metallic Flakies, and in my opinion a girl can never have enough flakie nail polishes in her life, especially metallic, too bad I have not found other colors.

Have a great week babes!

Zoya Reese, sunlight.

Closeup of Zoya Reese and Gilded Glitter.



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  1. love the color, looks great with or without glitter.

  2. i love this!! I have this gilded glitter on my list!

  3. Gorgeous, Gilded Glitter looks amazing!

  4. Oooh the finished result is so great!! Psst - the Muppet Collection is rumored to contain a pink flakie - wondering if the green is a flakie in that collection too...;)

  5. Thxs girlies! Omg I had forgotten about the lovely Muppets!! Can't wait!!!

  6. great combo, i love it :-D
    these cherries are new, i like it, your blog is so juicy now ;-D

  7. That is a gorgeous combination!

  8. OMG!!!loooooove the nyx glitter!!!!! <3

  9. I absolutely LOVE that gold glitter especially over that Zoya polish!

  10. That looks amazing with the gilded glitter over it. Love!


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