Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart Away and Franken

Good Night boys and girls:

   I know I am a bit late for the teal post, but now was my time to post this mani! Lol! DTMHA is a Gorgeous Teal creme jelly polish, opaque in one coat. I decided that a side swipe of my newest franken would rock and I feel like it does, I hope you guys like it!

   This nail polish along with 5 more were sent to me courtesy of George. Georgie thank you so much for the polishes, cards, and other goodies, you are awesomesauce.  This mani is in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness, and as a matter of fact my grandmother died of ovarian cancer 40 years ago.  Please girls get the proper testing done yearly, I have already done so!

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  1. love this color!

    sorry about your grandmother, yes i have been tested this year already as well.

  2. Gorgeous! Such a beautiful teal and mani.

    Sorry about your gran. My family has a long history of Ovarion and other kinds of female cancers so I get checked every 6 months or so by my ob/gyn.

  3. thanks girls, I never got to meet her, she died five yrs before I was born, that is awesome everyone needs to take care of themselves :-)

  4. I just found your blog, your nails are great! i really like this mani, and it's for a good cause.<3

  5. Oh, so pretty! I just adore this!

  6. me encanta la combinacion! y nada mejor que un mani por una buena causa :D


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