Friday, September 09, 2011

Franken Friday

Good Morning lovelies!

It is friday! yaaaayyy!! Well again I was in a frankening mood and decided to whip up some more coloring.  The bottle shot is a franken made of CG Four Leaf Clover, Red WNW polish, Bonita purple np, Sally Hansen Celeb City and Barielle Budda-ful.  At first to be honest it looked like pure shit, rofl! Seriously, then I tweeked the amounts and swatched it and looked awesome, it has badass shine, the swatches of this color are without top coat.

Now the mustard yellow, which resembles babies poop, was done with CG Happy Go Lucky, Bettina Earth, Serena, WNW Gold and Beautiful and Colorama Shimmer Girl.  Yes it looks like babies poop, but do I care? Not really, I have two children so poop is not an issue for me, lololol! This swatch has gelous, one coat, cause it was a teeny bit streaky.

Have an awesome weekend folks!

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  1. lol, babies poop? your funny! my lil one is 8 months so yes I'm very familiar with babies poop, i too have 2 kids! that being said i like the poop color one, lol.

    thanks for all your nice comments i appreciate them.

    have a great friday!


  2. lol, baby poop you say!? it's been a while so i'm not sure... to me it looks like baby food (the ones in the bottle from apricot i think)
    anyway, i like what you've done, great job :-D

  3. I am loving the blue! It looks so great. I actually like the yellow! It is very unique with the shimmer in it!

  4. Thanks girls! Yes lol about the babies poop! I like both, I wore the greyish olive green as a pedi and it looks hot. The mustard yellow one I have not worn but plan to sometime next week. @ Laquerlove, yeah girl I know which one u like, mustard yellow!!

  5. @Princess, ay nena deja q me ababacho!!


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