Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Color Club Hot Like Lava

Color Club Hot Like Lava, Candy Cane and GR Scale Effects #2.

Good Evening!

   How are all my gorgeous readers? I hope super awesome! Me, life came by with a lot of stuff. But I have not forgotten about my readers and also my blogroll has not been left unread, not for one day, even though I may not comment much.  Google reader is a pain the ass from an Iphone lol!  My nails were naked for like four days now, it felt like a month.  So I did a pinky mani with Hot Like Lava (which I do not get the name, rofl!) from the Foiled Collec 2011. Then I did a reverse gradient mani, with Candy Cane and Scale Effects #2.  All I have to say is wow! Hot Like Lava is a one coater, but I did two. BTW I do not know why the heck my hands looks so tanned, I have not been to the beach at all. All the polishes used in this mani courtesy of the beautiful LAQUERLOVE. Well short and sweet you guys!  I hope you all like it!

Take care my friends!

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