Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zoya Faye

Good Morning!

I hope you guys had a good night's sleep! Today I did a mani with Zoya Faye, wow! You all know this color and brand, and who doesn't know about it should buy a couple of bottles.  Cause Faye goes on like butta and its a pink, purplish and gold foil, I applied two coats. Then I saw Mimi and had to try her also, so I did a chevron tip with her.  Mimi is also a foil but a deep purple with gold. Again the sun was shinning like crazy and I thought to myself, time to wear a holo, too bad I didn't lol!! And for the girls in Puerto Rico, Wonder Beauty Supply carries Zoya.

You guys have a great and amazing day, hugs!

Zoya Faye, two coats.

Zoya Mimi, chevron tips and Zoya Faye, base.

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  1. Faye has been on my wishlist for a while.. it's so gorgeous.. I just need to break down and buy it already! Love the chevron tips, nice touch!

  2. Thxs girls! @witchazel, Faye is indeed stunning, also there is a dupe for it OPI's Rally Pretty Pink ;-)

  3. Ohh, I had no idea about the dupe! OPI is easier to get (there's an Ulta really close to my work) but I think I'm going to go after Zoya Faye because I only have 3 Zoyas and need more in the family lol. Thanks Jossie!

  4. @witchazel u welcome girl! And btw u have an awesome name!

  5. Aww thank you! There's a funny story behind it that I'll post to my blog one day ;p

  6. Super cute tips you added to Zoya Faye!

  7. Faye is one of my all time favorite colors. I love your chevron tips!


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