Sunday, September 25, 2011

Orly Prince Charming and Orly Coffee Break

Orly Prince Charming, Coffee break and Art Club Striper in Bronze.

Good Morning boys and girls, Happy Sunday!!

   I was feeling in a sorta wear a nude mood today, and what came to mind were two colors Prince Charming and Coffee Break.  I did one coat of both, doing a side swipe with PC.  Then I took out my Art Club Bronze Striper and got my line on. It looked awesome but I had to apply some flakies and I slapped on one coat of Serena Sparkling Rose, (0.99 cent micro glitter flakies).  When I took these pics it was raining cats and dogs outside, it was even dark, those pics will have to suffice. The side swipe was taught by my nail tech, yes I used to wear acrylics and I think most of us have had a time when acrylics where wanted.  I had mine done for the first time when I was 17 yrs old, all the way till I was 23.  Then I got tired of fill-ins and what not, so I decided to go natural,  I love having natural nails!!!!!

Have a great fun day my friends!

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  1. You know me! I like cremes, so I love the look before the flakes! So pretty! I need to get coffee break-

  2. @fingers, thxs plus coffee break is opaque in one coat, actually come to think these are two different looks!

  3. me encanta el contraste, el brillo!

  4. Love it! The addition of the shimmer was the perfect touch!

  5. I love that gold stripe!


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