Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LA Girl Glitter Addict Animate

LA Girl Glitter Addict in Animate.

Good Afternoon boys and girls!

   This is Animate, a red hex glitter plus small glitter in a clear base.  I got this color along with Uninhibited. Both glitters are pure awesomesauce!!! First off I applied as a base color Nabi Gold Metallic, this brand stinks like Kleancolor only a bit more tolerable. I did two coats, but it is opaque in one, if you do not control the brush it will leave brush marks. By the way the sun was not cooperating, actually all pics where in the shade. Nabi Metallic Gold is gorgeous, this combo reminds me of Christmas!

Have an awesome afternoon and evening dearies.

Nabi Metallic Gold.

LA Girl Animate and Nabi Metallic Gold.

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  1. Thsi combo is sooo pretty! It looks a little more orange on my screen so when I saw it, it kind of reminded me of embers leaping up from fire or hot lava. Awesome mani ;D

  2. Girl u are right, I do kot know why it is called Gold cause it is an orange gold, lol! Your description is awesome, could not have said it better :-D

  3. this is a great combo, looks great!

  4. These colors look great together, I love your nails

  5. that's a super pretty red glitter polish!

  6. I like the base color a lot-Im not a glitter fan (as you know)!!

  7. I LOVE the combo! I didn't think I would! Very nice ;)


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