Friday, March 09, 2012

WNW Candy-licious and On A Trip

Good Morning and happy friday!!!

  As you all must have noticed, I luv pink!!! And I went to Walgreens some days ago and got a few WNW on sale, the pink creme is Candy-Licious and the purple is On A Trip.  Both formulas are awesome and the brush was a bit weird for me at first cause I am not used to their brushes.

  But man once I got used to them, those brushes rock, my pinky nail in one stroke!!! The formula on this two polishes is perfect, too bad they are too creamy for marbling :-/  Two coats of each and then I topped it off with Golden Rose #4 flakies, which I luv from all the flakies out there.  Too bad they are not available in the USA.

Take Care my dearies and great weekend!

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  1. The combo is gorgeous !!!! I have on a trip and love it !! You should try the minty one! I also loooove the formula and they last very long!!

  2. i think this is my favorite ;-)

  3. I always love pink and blue together ;) I can't believe I haven't tried out those WNW polishes yet! Very pretty mani ♥

  4. muero con este combo! cuando fui a Walgreens de los 2 colores que quedaban uno de ellos era candy-licious y lo deje por que no soy tan amante del rosa; ahora me arrepiento.

  5. The flakies. They make everything sooooo amazing! I really, really like this mani!


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