Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NYX Deep Space

Good Afternoon boys and girls!

  This is NYX Deep Space, its is a vampy glittery and flaky goodness.  Very sheer so putting a darker color on first is highly recommended.  Then I slapped on some rose decals from my local 0.99 cent store. What do you guys think?


1. Cleanup is very important when doing your nails.  There has to be a small gap between the nail and the cuticle. I use a concealer brush from ELF dipped in acetone.  Cleanup makes a huge difference between a sloppy job and a pro looking job.

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  1. me encanto el tip of the day! super :) y el color esta bn lindo!

  2. love this nail art doll

  3. But I'm often too lazy to do cleanup now...
    Great mani :)


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