Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine's Pedi


   I hope everyone is doing great and are safe.  Last night I did my weekly pedi and I was so exhausted that I went to sleep and painted my toenails this morning.  Valentine's is very near and I was in the mood for a love pedi, lol!  One coat of Orly Basketcase, one coat of OPI And This Little Piggy, four heart shaped rhinestones and a half coat of Sally Hansen Glass Slipper.  I also put one stone on the other toes, since they are so small, lol! This shoes are very old, tan colored platforms I got in this store called Baker's.  What do you guys think? Like it?  I never get tired of saying the same thing there should be more pedis floating around the blogosphere, when I buy my lightbox, I will post more pics of toesies.

Take care my dearies, ciao!

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  1. so cute, love the lil hearts

  2. Really cute. I thought about doing pedi post. I like with with shoes on. We shall see, hmm :)

  3. Thanks! I need to buy a lightbox, and stuff to make toe pics more attractive, but I luv seeing pedi pics on the web :-D guess I am really used to seeing a lot of toes since I do hands and feet for a living lol! And no I am not very good at freehanding, but I am trying to get better :-)


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