Friday, January 20, 2012

Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl Fishnet Mani


Buenas Tardes boys and girls:

   Today I have for you one of the bad girls of polish that nobody wants, her name South Sea Pearl.  This np is a multichrome, flashes pink, purple, green and yellow.  In the bottle looks like an absolute boring and blah color.  Actually quite unappealing.

After I finished my mani, I was doing some other stuff and caught the pink and purple flash, wowza!! I only wish Sally Hansen would have made this np with a much more pronounced effect, too bad Ms. Hansen.

Two coats of SSP, the fishnet was done with a purple striper from Icing, and the glitters are from WNW Party Of Five.  For funsies I included a pic of my baby's toes doing a tip toe, lol! He looks like he is in high heels, rofl! I luv babies feet!

Take care my friends and happy weekend.

I love this effect, the pic looks old.

Baby Danny's feet, he is 14 1/2 months old, aawww, my cutie pie!

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  1. love the mani! and your son's feet are so cute ;-)

    1. Thank u girlie! Babies feet are totally cute! and u will have a new pair to kiss on soon!

  2. THese are really great! I am loving the design you did!

  3. Very pretty! I love it! Awww cute baby feet :D

  4. Wow looks great!!

  5. South sea pearl is great as a base. I never turn down any color or finish because you can come up with something to make it work.

    Your mani is really cute. Your baby's feet is cute too :)

  6. Love the mani! Yah, that polish is one that went straight into my donation box, lol! Danny's footsies are too cute!

  7. Lovely mani - sweet and slightly raunchy. And little Danny's feet.....too cute for words. :)

  8. SOOO cute! I love it.


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