Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

Good Afternoon boys and girls!

   I hope everyone's week is doing awesome.  Feeling pinky since last night, so I did my toes with two different pinks and today I did my hands in pink.  I used Orly Basketcase, one coat of Glass Slipper, which yes is a silver flakie! My friend LAQUERLOVE, had to buy it for me, cause my Walgreens is turning stupid and did not bring them, also I checked CVS and Glass Slipper was all out :-(   Then I hand placed the glitters of NYX Spot Light.  I love it, and I think this is something Barbie would def wear, lol! What do you guys think?

Take care my friends!

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  1. @Lady, nena me lo consiguieron alla fuera!! Aki no habia :-/

  2. This is look cute.I love the pink nail polish perfect combo with the glitter.

  3. That is very pretty, I also love the pink you paired it with, very nice!

  4. LOL I think Barbie would def wear this :-P your hand glitter placement is awesome! Great mani

  5. I like glitter and this one manicure is awesome.

  6. Total Barbie nails! I really love Glass Slipper!


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