Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gold Dust, Tip Toe Nail Polish by Old Navy

Good Afternoon and Merry Christmas to all the beautiful readers!

   So I got a bit bored and since I am at home, I decided to do another festive mani.  I went yesterday to Old Navy since I got a little cash as a gift from a relative.  And I as was heading to the register I saw the Tip Toe np's from Old Navy. Not that I haven't noticed them before, but I was not gonna pay $3.50 for each bottle, lol! Anyhows I started looking inside the basket and there were some beauties!  And for clearance $1.99 is an awesome price! This one has like pixie dust type glitter, gold and bits of red also, it is very pretty and a one coater. Does not feel very gritty at all, I applied one coat of CG Megabite, and one of Gold Dust.  Then I said why not, let's do some nail art, lol! I am not very much of an expert freehanding, but those gift wrapped designs are so cute! Plus I added a couple of decals from Sally's.

To all a Merry Xmas and I hope you all got tons of gifts, plus health and laughter!

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  1. beautiful! merry Christmas to you and your family


  2. This is a really pretty gold.. I had no idea they carried polish. Love your mani.. Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year to you, chickadee! ♥

  3. Thanks girls!
    @witchazel, thxs sweetheart, happy xmas and new year too :-D

  4. great post and photos i like
    Hope you had a great holiday! Check out my fashion blog and follow if ull like what ull see +following u

  5. Lovely nails!! Your blog is cool! :)

  6. Pretty! I didn't know know Old Navy had nail polish.

  7. @RM, yup they do and if u like them u should check your local old navy to see if they have them on clearance also :-)


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