Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Avon Luxe Lavender

Good Morning dear readers:
Avon Luxe Lavender is a lilac creme polish opaque in one coat.This is my first Avon in like four years! Dries very quickly and app was awesome! This color reminds me of easter eggs. Then I topped it with a Black Glitter from the brand Fingers, plus I did the tips with Icing Fuchsia Striper.

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  1. i love the thin tip, and both colors are so pretty!

  2. me encanta, muy ingeniosa la combinacion!

  3. great combo, really nice color :-D
    love new look of your blog ;-D

  4. These colors together are very nice!

  5. very pretty nail love the length of your nails otherwise extra long nails looks screepy sometime :S

  6. Um, why have I not gotten to this post until now! I love this! The purple, the glitter and the tip all go together so nicely.


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