Monday, September 05, 2011

Zoya Tiffany

Zoya Tiffany sunlight.

Good Morning and Happy Holiday my dearies!

This is Zoya Tiffany, a gorgeous peach foil which flashes gold! My bpf (best polish friend) lol, Laquerlove, sent it to me in a swap, her blog pure is awesomeness and she is an incredible human being, she decanted several Zoyas and sent me a few to try out, how cool is that! she will probably hate me in the future cause I will contribute to her weight gain, since I keep on sending her Puerto Rican typical candy, love ya my friend!! Laquerlove has taken my polish virginity twice, rofl, yes, Nfu-Oh and Zoya. Oh Zoyitas how much I love thee, app was incredible, two coats and bam! The formula is awesome!! I was in pure ectasy applying the polish, they are 3 free, so I was not bothered by any chemically smell. The only thing I have to say is Seche Vite and Zoyitas do not get along, I got tip wear half an hour after polishing. Oh well whatever I love ZOYA!!! And do not care! I have to use Seche cause I need lighting quick drying :-D

Enjoy your holiday boys and girls!!!

Zoya Tiffany shade.



Bottle shot, this is a decanted mini btw.


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  1. Very pretty! I love this! So sparkly and shimmery!

  2. Pretty! Maybe try another tc (not quick dry) then Seche?


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