Friday, September 02, 2011

Franken Friday

Happy Friday to all my readers!!!

Bottle Shot of Starry Pink Franken.

I saw Revlon's Starry Pink and I loved it! What I do not love is their formula, they dry slow and the price is too much in my opinion.  So I decided to franken something similar. I mixed Revlon's Cotton Candy and CG Medallion, with some clear nail polish.  Cotton Candy is so streaky and yes smells like Cotton Candy, that is why I bought it in the first place. But darn it dries so slow and bubbles so much! So that is what I got a nice shimmery neutral which can be wearable to work. Medallion sure looks good mixed with Cotton Candy, it glimmers so much!! Plus it dries fast cause the clear nail polish is quick dry! The other colors of Revlon's Fall 2011 Collection are gorgeous, if I see them on sale I might get a couple, google them there are swatches out cause a couple of bloggers have got them already from Target. Here are the rest of the pics, happy weekend my dearies!!

Closeup Starry Pink Franken.


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  1. Pretty franken!! But Starry Pink dries really fast and it's only $3.74 at Target!

  2. Ooooh look at all the pretty glitter!! Did it still smell pretty?

  3. @Poetic, yup I know too bad there are no Targets in Puerto Rico, :-(
    @ Seren, yes it still smelled like Cotton Candy, yummy :-)

  4. Great franken! I like that it has both gold and silver glitter.

  5. amazing, you've done great job with this franken, i love it :-D


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