Friday, August 26, 2011

Frankens many...

The many frankens on my stash, down-up, purple glitter in the air franken, pink franken with blazes of blue,  flaky wine franken and pink glitter in the air franken.

Good  Morning and Happy Friday!!!!!

I decided to join in on the Franken Friday's clan, and I will show you a skittle mani franken style.  I got into frankening Lippman's Glitter in the air, since the price tag is wayyy to high for me. I frankened it in pink then purple, also you will see below in white my latest one.  The pink franken next to the purple glitter in the air is made with Colorama Blazes of Blue and some MAC pigment. The wine colored flaky franken which is one of my faves, was done with an unnamed China Glaze I got and Colorama Shimmer Girl and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuchsia.

White Glitter in the Air, made with Bonita Sexy White, Essie Marshmallow, WNW Party of five and lots of clear nail polish.

This is my last franken, I was feeling like I do not wanna wear polish but still do not wanna go nekid. But I wanna wear polish but no color, rofl! So in one of my PMS moods, I did this one. Enjoy the rest of my franken pics!

Happy Weekend my lovelies!!

White Glitter in the Air franken.

Closeup White Glitter in the Air.

Pink Glitter in the Air.

Wine Flaky franken.

Pink franken with Blazes of Blue.

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  1. I love the white one but they are all very pretty!

  2. The white one reminds me frosting, it looks awesome! :D

  3. I like all the glitter in the air ones and the flaky wine franken..

  4. Love your frankens! The new white one.... I totally want to make one of those now!

  5. me encanta la version en blanco, aunque todos te quedaron lindos! los franken son un vicio, empiezas y el "mad scientist" se activa lol


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