Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Essie Showstopper and Colorama Ruby Rays 23

Good Morning boys and girls!!!

Well I hope everyone is doing awesome.  Today I have Essie Showstopper, this is the first time I have worn an Essie! This is a mini Essie I got the other day, it a metallic red duochrome that flashes gold. And I decided to add to the tips and my ring finger Ruby Rays, which I got in a swap with the lovely Erika.

This mani for some reason reminds me of Xmas, which is one of my fave times of the year.  App was good, a bit watery at first but I heard most Essie's are.  Here are the pics enjoy!

Take care my dearies!!

All pics are clickable for closeup goodness!


I tried doing this post six times yesterday and it kept showing me a black triangle with a question mark instead of the photos. Plus I am very upset cause someone from another blog said that my situation was not true, used the work fluke, I was not mad, I was sad. A couple of other bloggers had my same issue. Thank goodness it is fixed. Happy day my readers!

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  1. Looks glowy! Love the flakie tips... but you know this! Sorry about the mean blogger. Some people don't realize that sometimes issues are on just one or a few servers, so not everyone is affected.


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