Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Barielle Souler-Powered

Good Morning dearies!!

Today I wanted to share with you my first Barielle!! Which I won on a giveaway from Refined and Polish, yes it is the first time that I have ever won anything, lol!  Lakeisha sent this Barielle nail polish from the 2011 Karma Collec, and also she included a tiny Zoya Nail Polish remover, which in my twenty some years of using remover, I have to tell you this remover is the shizz!! rofl!!! My nails felt so soft and moisturized. The smell is of lavender, a bit strong, made me sneeze, but who cares when my nailies where so healthy and soft! The app of this nail polish was very streaky, I had to apply four coats, but this color is gorgeous, so summery!  Thank you Lakeisha for sending me those goodies, which were AWESOME!!

Here are the pics and I hope you guys enjoy!!  Take care my darlings..

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  1. Bello!!! Estoy jukia con los amarillos ahora mismo.

    Hey Doll! I give you an award :D

  2. Nena si supieras q a mi no me gustan pero este color me impresiono y me encanta!!

  3. gorgeous, i love yellow almost too much :D

  4. estoy como Poly, me esta llamando la atencion lo amarillo y lo color mostaza tambien. este se ve beeeello! lamentablemente estos tonos no van conigo; al menos ahora que estoy quemá.

  5. @ Roxanne fijate no sabia q a las chikas les encantara tanto el amarillo, a mi no me mata pero este color se ve brutal! El q me mata es el dorado!!

  6. This is a really pretty yellow!


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