Monday, August 01, 2011

Colorama 160 Steel Wheeling

Good Morning boys and girls!!

Today I decided to come out of the comfort zone of pinks and do some different color. This is Colorama 160 Steel Wheeling which had been in my untried box for 2 months.  The color is a foil, taupe with tiny scattered holo glitter.  In the shade it looks like a normal foil, but once you come out in the sunlight, bam wow!! Holo explosion, too bad stupid cameras do not photograph holos well :-(

Coloroma's are 5 day nail color, they are only available on Dollar Tree's Stores.  Too bad they are discontinued in many parts of the world, such good nail polish.  Ok, here are the pics, enjoy!

You all have a great day and lovely week!!

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  1. Jossie this looks gorgeous on you!! You should definitely step out of your comfort zone more often!

  2. Thanks so much, I really luv that color!


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