Friday, July 15, 2011

Fingerpaints Psychedelic Sunshine

Hello my readers:

Today I went out of the ordinary and wore a yellow, I found this on clearance on Sally's, how can someone resist buy one get one free right? Anyways this is the second Fingerpaints that I own, let me tell you something, this mother is like applying glue to my nails, even after 1.5 cc's of thinner, it was still goopy, gloppy, yuck!! Maybe I got a bad batch? Who knows!!  It dries semi matte, I really dislike this color, I will use it for sponge manis, and after I applied it I felt like I had painted my nails with a yellow sharpie. The only pro, the holo glitter which is gorgeous!  That is all for today, thanks you all for reading.

Till later my readers!



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  1. Agree with you, I also have it and is hard to apply like glue, I didn't like it at all also, maybe try it over white and looks less bad? I don't know, i keep it for nail art only.

  2. Another blogger sent this to me, and I still can't figure out how to wear it. Kudos to you for managing to finish a full mani with it.

  3. Thinner and more thinner, That is all I can tell you and I still hated the app girl


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