Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure Matte and TOTD Orly Razzle

Good Morning!

Last night I was exhausted and I did not want to leave my nails naked, but I since I need to go and see the eye Doc and get a checkup it is hard for me to paint my nails at night. I think I might have to buy a Nail Tech lamp, lol, seriously.

 I wanted something that involved little clean up, so I thought about Hidden Treasure, applied one coat, one coat of Colorama Shimmer Girl, and more coat of HT.  Then my Matte Magic came to mind and I applied one coat of course after Seche, it looks like fish scales, my love for flakies is huge too bad I haven't been able to put my hands on the Golden Rose Scale Effect ones and many others out there.  I like it,  there was minimal cleanup, yaay!

And last my TOTD which is Orly Razzle,  I had been seeing this shade over at Sally's for some time now and I found it ugly! Then I saw it on Saturday and decided to give it a go, the formula is great, looks amazing once applied.

Well girls that is all for today, see you later, have a great week.

Hidden Treasures before Matte Magic.

TOTD Orly Razzle and Mani with Hidden Treasure,  Shimmer Girl Matte.

Looks like flaky goodness fish scales!


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