Friday, June 17, 2011

Nail Life Jellyfied and TOTD

 Good Morning Girlies!  I am back, let's get to business.  Last night I was bored and I wanted to leave my nails naked, but then I changed my mind and wanted to do something simple since I wanna play with my Bundlemonster plates when they arrive! So I decided to apply three coats of Nail Life to my nails, then a post from a fellow blogger the Swatchaholic came to mind in which she did a Jelly sandwich, which looked stunning.  I did not want to recreate it, I just wanted to play mad scientist and here's what I did:

I took Wet and Wild Scarlet Red and dumped some inside the Nail Life, cause I wanted my nails to look healthy instead of yellowish.  So I put two coats of the tinted Nail Life and one coat of Colorama Shimmer Girl in between, then another coat of Tinted Nail Life, one coat of Gelous and one coat of Out the Door. And here is the end result, I love it, it's all squishy and shiny!

And a bonus TOTD, Wet N' Wild Night Prowl (two coats) and one coat of Bettina Onix,  followed by one coat of Gelous, one coat of Out the Door. This color looks stunning in real life, so shiny with the purple flecks! I hope you like it, I love the Nail Life project that I did, well you all have an awesome weekend Girlies!

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