Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sinful Colors Neptune and Glass Pink

Hola dearies!

   This is gonna be a short and sweet post.  Here is Neptune from the Cast Away Collec from Sinful Colors, two coats and then I saw Glass Pink all lonely and I added one coat, finally I topped it with some square rhinestones from the 0.99 store.  Glass Pink totally changed Neptune, looks so gorgeous!! I luv it! What do you guys think?

Happy Sunday!!!!

Manicure Tip 2:

  Cuticle Hydration is a must.  I do it with cuticle oil, right now I am using CND Solar Oil, prior to that I used Avoplex. Both are super! Nails get stronger and dry, ragged cuticles look awful and are a no no. If you do not have any commercial oils, use olive oil, it is superb for hands and nails :-)

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  1. This is such a pretty combination! I love this.

  2. These 2 look great together. I would never would have thought to do this :D

  3. This is really beautiful.. I recently put glass pink over a dark purple CG(can't remember which one) and it was a total fail! Ruined my mani and I had to start all over lol ;[


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