Wednesday, February 01, 2012

WNW Blazed and Kleancolor Chunky Copper

Good Afternoon:

  This is WNW Blazed, which is a peachy pink, cremely (creme + jelly) polish.  I was impressed with the formula, cause I expected something streaky. But since its a cremely, app was like buttah.  Hopefully I can find more cremely's from this brand. Then I hand placed Chunky Copper glitters and did one coat of CG Golden Enchantment.  Hope you guys like it!

Take care and have an awesome and wonderful rest of the week!

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  1. yo quiero ese CG -.- y el otro q vimos q es holo silver.

  2. great spring color

  3. Tengo blazed pero lo he usado una sola vez, no se pq? pq el color me gusta. Ya que tengo el resto de los esmaltes similares; creo que me voy a copiar :D
    muy lindo, como siempre!

  4. I was wondering what the sparklies over this cute mani was - Golden Enchantment is awesome!


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