Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Icing Magnetix in Pink

Good Morning chicos y chicas!

  I went with the magnetic trend, yeah!! So I went to the mall last week and I saw the magnetix's there. I thought and thought since $9.00 for a polish is a steep price in my opinion, lol! Well I decided to get one, since the only formula and shades I like so far are Icing's.  I got the one in pink, app was very easy, yes the brush was a bit weird but not impossible to work with. I did three coats, YES three, the magnetic effect gets more pronounced when you add more coats of polish.  Also two days earlier I did my toes, lol, the smaller toes did not get much of the design but they look magnetic, rofl! What do you guys think of the magnetic trend going on?

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  1. this looks so cool!!!first time i see a magnetic manicure!! love the results!!

  2. I love this on you, and love that you did your tootsies too!


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