Monday, February 27, 2012

Franken has been Tangled in my web...

Good Afternoon!!

   This is a franken I had laying around, which I made four months ago and I had forgotten to wear.  Sorry I do not have the exact recipe, cause I did not write it down and since it has been laying around, I forgot with what I made it, lol!  All I remember is Orly Space Cadet, Bonita White Nail Polish, SH Celeb City and Serena Sparkling Rose.  Then I sponged WNW Tangled in my web, then I sponged some more of the franken on top of TIMW.  What do you guys think?

Happy Week everybody!

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  1. Se me Esta haciendo un poco difícil leer el blog desde mi celu. No veo las letras :(

  2. Great franken! I know, when you mix it you think you'll always remember what you put in it, but then you forget, lolol!


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