Sunday, January 29, 2012

Icing After Party

Good Evening!

   I hope you all are having a beautiful weekend.  On saturday I went to the mall to look around and did not intend to buy anything. Well I went to Icing which I had not been in ages. And saw After Party, which looked insane in the bottle and since they are multicolored metallic flakies, though irregularly cut, I found them unique and crazy. So I said what thet heck I will purchase a bottle.  I went home and decided to try it, OMG!!!!! This np is super gorgeous and the name is perfect for it, indeed looks like confetti after a party!!! I only wish I could find a  reliable source for metallic flakies, darn it!!! The base is Kleancolor Pink and some hand placed glitters from Kleancolor Twinkly Love.  What do you guys think of Icing's After Party? I personally luv it and will get a backup bottle.

Take care dearies!

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