Friday, December 16, 2011

OPI Crimson Carol

Good Morning dearies!

   I am feeling in such an Xmas Spirit, that I wanted another mani today :-) ok and also I got bored of yesterday's mani, lol!  So this mani consists of one holiday polish from OPI Crimson Carol.  First off I did one coat of Crimson Carol, a gorgeous red with gold flecks, from the 2009 Holiday Wishes Collec, wow this bottle was all alone in a basket and I learned that I was from 2009 cause of SCRANGIE.  I do not like reds on my hands, so I wanted to do a design but since I suck at freehand and my stamper and plates where in my room and my son was sleeping there, so I could not get to them, and there was no way I was gonna open my door, since my door sounds like a horror movie one, lol! Then something else came to mind, and I tore a piece of a pencil purse I have, its made of mesh. The design came out looking old and that was perfect. I used for the design Glitzerland from the 2010 OPI Swiss Collec, a gorgeous champagne color. I am absolutely in luv with this mani.

Have an awesome day and weekend babes!

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  1. I nominated you for the Top 10 Award!

  2. Really creative.. love how this came out!

  3. That totaly looks stamped - perfection! I'd love to see the mesh you used...


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