Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Good Morning!!

   I decided to try out some stamping, yaay!! I must say it is quite fun, this time I used an xmas polish from Orly's Tis' The Season Christmas Collec 2010. I got it on sale over at Sally's.  This is a green golden flecked polish, it is gorgeous by the way, and that is a lot coming from me since I am not too fond of green nail polishes.  I applied one coat and then did a gradient with the second coat. And then I used Bundle Monster plate 214 for this design, I used Nabi Gold Metallic to do the stamping.

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving week!!!

Yes the pic is upside down on purpose btw, :-)

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  1. this is so pretty, great for christmas

  2. tengo under the mistletoe y me encanta! el diseño te quedo de escanaleteee jajajaja con las 2 o 3 placas que tengo nunca logro hacer alguito decente

  3. Love the base polish. So pretty! Gold stamp was a nice touch!

  4. Sooo gorgeous! Lol, I forgot you don't particularly like green polish. Well this one looves you!


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