Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My first tape Mani!

Good Evening:

   This is the mani I had on today with OPI This Little Piggy, I cut up tape strips with a craft scissor from Walmart and painted with OPI Ink.  I was so excited cause it turned out pretty good and it was so quick and easy!! Yeah the black and white pic is just for funsies! lol!

You all have a great night my dearies!

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  1. i love it, looks so precise!!

  2. I love this mani, it sorta looks sugar-coated!

  3. Are you sure this is your first one! Looks super cute :)

  4. Thxs to all the babydolls!!!!
    @RMCandlelight, yup girl its my first one! :-D

  5. You did great with the taping! The end result is so pretty! :)

  6. i love this!! very simple, yet so lovely<33


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