Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revlon Golden Charm

Revlon Golden Charm.

Good Evening!

   I hope everyone had a beautiful day today. This is actually my second Revlon, the first one is Cotton Candy, which the formula is streaky as heck, but sure smells good! I bought Golden Charm along with Facets of Fuchsia and Royal Cloak last saturday at Walgreens, they were all 40% off, yaay yoo!!!

I love foil finish polishes, Golden Charm is a golden foil, not an easy formula to work with, these were two coats and it looks bumpy even after applying thin coats, Gelous and Seche Vite. The color is stunning, reminds me of xmas.

My lovelies enjoy your evening!

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  1. lovely fall color ;-)

  2. I really can't stand nail polish that bubbles up. I always pick at it. Thank goodness for topcoats.

  3. very pretty color and I LOVE the shape of your nails ;D

  4. So perfect for the Fall!

  5. i have seen this at walgreens like a million times!!!! i think you convinced me to buy it!!!


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