Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Essie Rubies Slippers VS. China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Essie Rubies Slippers and China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

Good Morning dearies!

  So today I decided to do a comparison post between these two beauties!  Both are red and glitters, Essie Rubies Slippers has red hex glitter that in some lighting looks orangey, in a red base. RS is an HTF, I snatched up this mini beauty four months ago in my local beauty supply, for $1.50. CG Ruby Pumps is also a glitter but the glitters are micro. Red glitter and red base also with Ruby Pumps. Ruby Pumps forms part of CG core collection, so you can still find at Sally's. Both are absolutely stunning!!  I used a lot of Ruby Pumps a couple of years ago as a pedi color, it looked amazing and I got tons of complements also.  RS in my opinion looks a lot more like Dorothy's shoes, what does everyone think? Get ready for some glittery and red pic spam ahead!

Have a great and safe day my friends!

Left Essie Rubies Slippers- Right CG Ruby Pumps, no topcoat.

Left Essie Rubies Slippers- Right CG Ruby Pumps.

Left CG Ruby Pumps- Right Essie Rubies Slippers.

Closeup Essie Rubies Slippers.

Closeup CG Ruby Pumps.

Left Essie Rubies Slippers with topcoat, sunlight. Right CG Ruby Pumps with topcoat, sunlight.

Left Essie Rubies Slippers- Right CG Ruby Pumps.

Left CG Ruby Pumps- Right Essie Rubies Slippers, shade.

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  1. Simply stunning - I like bigger glitter so I'm leaning a little more towards Essie I think.

  2. i like both, but i think i like the ruby slippers better. ;-)

  3. Thanks for the comparison.I would definitely choose Essie Ruby Slippers over the other one.

  4. Thank you so much for the comparison! I haven't seen anyone do a side-by-side like this and I've always wondering how similar these two polishes are. I have Ruby Pumps and though getting Ruby Slippers would be pointless, but they're obviously very different. Ruby Slippers seems to have a lot more dimension to it and Ruby Pumps looks more uniformly glittery. They both definitely look 10x better with a top coat! Great post!


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