Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Royal Essence Gold Digger and Serena Apricot Freeze

Royal Essence Gold Digger.

Good Morning my lovelies:

I went to town on saturday and decided to buy 0.99 cent polish, ain't nothing wrong with that, a plus if it is gorgeous like this one. Downfall dry time sucks a** hugely!! Anyways this is Gold Digger, an orange jelly polish with hex glitter that changes from gold, orange and silver. It is a bit gritty but it got fixed with one coat of  Seche. It is packed with glitter that is why I decided to layer it with Serena Apricot Freeze, also a very sheer polish, orange with purple glass flecks.  Apricot Freeze I will do later in a mani on its own, that is why no bottle shot of it. Royal Essence is sold in Puerto Rico in PEPE Ganga Store, they have a display of them, Serena's and a bit of Bettina's.

Take care my dear readers and have a great day!!!

Gold Digger and Serena Apricot Freeze Layered.
Gold Digger on its own without layering.

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  1. gracias por la informacion por que no sabia que vendian cosmeticos en Pepe Gangas! Pasare por el de Caguas a ver si tienen alguito

  2. Un color precioso para los días soleados =D
    te he dejado un premio en mi blog :D

  3. That's gorgeous! Dry time is no problem with SV! Oooh, I like this a lot! Now I definitely have to try the one you sent me :)


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