Thursday, August 18, 2011

Orly Royal Velvet

Good Morning to all the beautiful people!!

I had Orly Royal Velvet in my untried box, for like four months left there alone and unloved.  And since now I am residing in Nubbin City, I thought hey why not give Royal Velvet a try.  For some strange reason the name makes me think of a dessert, rofl!!  Royal Velvet is purple duochrome which flashes blue in different lighting.  And honestly I would not wear this color with longer nails than this, in my opinion very long nails with dark colors look like talons, rofl! But that is just me, I am very anal when it comes to my nails. Nubbins look so awesome in dark colors, and also when I wear a dark shade with my pedi, I cut my toenails the shortest possible.

Have a wonderful day my beautiful, gorgeous readers!

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  1. Beautiful color! I've had it in my untried section since it came out. I should bring it out!

  2. It is gorgeous, of course you should try it! :-D

  3. Pretty! I agree with the shorter nails making darker polish look better! I've disliked my nails with dark colors when they were longer

  4. i so want this :-D
    awesome color :-D

  5. looks gorgeos! I've always been more inclined to darker colors and this one looks fantastic, so unique. talking about short nails, I cut mine down, they look better that way.

  6. what a lovely color!


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