Friday, August 12, 2011

Icing Duality Love Spell and Franken

Good Morning everybody, Happy Friday!!!

So since in many blogs its franken friday, well I decided to join! Yes, I am with the nubbins, which I do not like very much, but my middle finger nail broke this week and I had to chop them off! I got this Icing little thingy one week ago, it looks like a lip gloss! But yet it is so small, and falls if you try to let it up. The thing that I do not understand is why are you doing this so small? The glitters are gorgeous! And then the price tag, too expensive! Come on, those are not 3 free, they are gorgeous but badly stink. Anyhows I went and applied two coats of my franken which I used only Colorama color and flakies. I did a jelly sandwich and then on top, one coat of Love Spell, which looks so romantic. Love this!!  Here are the pics, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend. Pics are all clickable.

Take care my darlings!!



Sunlight closeup.


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  1. Llegastes a los 100 followers!

  2. felicidades x los 100 subs! woop woop :)

    me encata tu franken-sandwich! facilmente ese podria ser uno de mis colores favoritos; me encanta el brillo!

  3. Pretty layering - and your nails still look nice short :)

  4. Thxs babe, little by little :-)


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