Saturday, August 06, 2011

China Glaze Strawberry Fields vs. WNW Quartz of Course

Good Morning My Lovely Readers:

I was looking through my stash and I found these two untried lovelies.  They seemed like dupes, that is why I decided to  do a comparison.

Now take a look at the pics:
L-R CG Strawberry Fields and WNW Quartz of Course.

Pinky-SF, Ring-QOC, Middle-SF and Index-QOC.

As you can see they are both gold glass flecked but SF is lighter than QOC.

CG Strawberry Fields

Indoors, Index-QOC, Middle-SF, Ring-QOC and Pinky-SF

WNW Quartz of Course.
Index-QOC, Middle-SF, Ring-QOC and Pinky-SF.

I thought they were dupes but they are not, both are very gorgeous by the way.

Hope you all have an awesome day!!!

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  1. Those are really pretty. They are similar, but I like CG Strawberry Fields more!

  2. I know I love Strawberry fields so much too!!

  3. I don't have SF but always love the way it looks. Thanks for the comparison!


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