Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Buddha-ful and Color Las Vegas Acid

Good Morning my dear readers:
Bottle of Barielle Buddha-Ful.

Today I have for you more Barielle, since the first one I won in a giveaway (yaay!!). And the second one was sent to me by Laquerlove.  Buddha-ful is a gorgeous flaky glitter, which flashes green and blue in a beige base. Color Las Vegas was also sent to me by the awesome Laquerlove!! Acid is a green mustard yellow colored jelly finish np.  App is smooth and shiny. Since you all know my devoted luv to flakies, I had to top Acid with Buddha-ful, looks so gorgeous and delicate.  I really love this combo.

Have a great day everybody!





Closeup of Acid and Buddha-ful.

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  1. I'm still waiting on my Barielle order to arrive in the next few days, and Buddaful is one of them! Can't wait, it looks gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous! Ooh, you're teaching me how to wear Buddha-ful, I never would have thought to wear it over a color like this.

  3. I want to try Barielle!!! Vi varios en Marshalls y no los compre booooo


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