Sunday, July 10, 2011

Purple Green Ocean

Good Morning, Happy Sunday!!!

I am very happy today, I got a lot of goodies over the weekend. Born Pretty Merchandise include Rhinestone Wheels, Dotting Tool Set, Brush Set and Red Stamping Polish. Beauty Joint Haul, which included several of the Chunky Holo Glitter, which are gorgeous by the way, only downfall one of the bottles came broken. And last but not least my spectra topcoat from Lori, THANKS girl!! I luv that stuff..

Today's mani is a polish from the brand Bonita, called Purple Art, a creme purple, nothing out of the ordinary, took two coats to be opaque. They come in tiny bottles and are 0.99 cents each. I topped it off with Sinful Colors Green Ocean, which I bought in a blog sale over here at ABOP this girl is so sweet and well mannered, her manis are to die for and last time I saw she had 45 frankens listed on her blog.  The sale went smoothly, I also bought from her a multicolored flaky franken in a clear pink base, which I literally had a heart attack when swatched, rofl!   Enjoy the flaky goodness coming ahead I know I am!

Take care you all!!!

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