Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Franken, Dreaming of purple

Good Morning!!!

Yesterday thinking about the love I have for flakies and Jelly nail polishes I turned on my mad scientist mode and prepared a yummy franken.  Nfu-Oh hold on to your panties cause this franken will rock your world lolz!!! I just had to say that, anyways I showed this one to a good friend and she said it was her favorite so I named it thinking about her.  Thanks for being so nice to me, even though you are far away not even the people on my island have been the way you are, life has so many beautiful things for you and your family.  Thank you so much and I cannot wait to open my package.  And I am gonna make one bottle of the franken for you since I named it with you on mind.  Ok girls and boys enjoy this Jelly Flaky franken named Dreaming of purple.  You all enjoy the rest of your week!!

Till later and be safe!!!

Inside with flash.

Outside sunlight.

Outside sunlight, ah glorious flakies!!!

Outside shade, Jelly yummy!!!

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  1. I clicked on every one of those photos to zoom in on the flakie goodness - this is sooooo pretty! :)

  2. And that pic does not do justice to the flaky..

  3. This is so gorgeous it makes me think of clarins 230 or the nfu oh flakie (can't think of the number) Lol! Glad I found your blog :)

  4. Thxs so much girl!! The more bloggers the merrier!!

  5. wa~ I'm really impressed with your franken! How did you do it? :D


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