Monday, July 18, 2011

Finger Paints Coral Complement 3 way

Good Morning boys and girls!

I have for you today Coral Complement, worn different ways.  I decided to get three Finger Paints and give them another chance.  This shade is jellyish , duochrome which flashes pink.  Makes my hands even more tanned but I did not mind.  Application was a bit runny with the first coat, dries really shiny also. I applied Femme Couture Glass Slipper, one coat, that made it more gorgeous, then I applied Matte Magic and it looked awesome. So there you have it three ways to wear Finger Paints Coral Complement, now enough with the blabber and on with the pic spam!!

Take care my darlings!!




Indoors with SC Glass Slipper with flash.

Outdoor sunlight with SC Glass Slipper.

Outdoor with Matte Magic.

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  1. ese color esta bn bonito, no lo habia visto :o

  2. Esta en Sally en liquidacion nena!!!

  3. That looks so gorgeous on you! Which was your fave look of the three? I like it best shiny.

    I think I picked this up recently on clearance, but it didn't look nearly as nice on me, lol!

  4. Aw come on we both have tanned hands so I know it looks gorgeous on you also, see I am torn between pic number 1 and the Savvy Glass Slipper Topped.


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