Friday, July 01, 2011

Dawn and Serena

Good Afternoon:

I have been away for a while playing Florence Nightingale, taking care of two ill people at the same time.  I am extremely exhausted and have not slept that much at all. My hands and feet looked terrible, all chipped and what not, you all  know the rest.  Thank God everyone is stable and at least I had the chance to unpolish my toenails and fix my nails.  So here we have Dawn from Revlon the Just Tinted Collection, she is an Orange Jelly Semi Matte Nail Polish, gorgeous and squishy.

And I decided to top her off with Sparkling Rose from Serena which is an american brand that is manufactured here in Puerto Rico. Serena is a sheer golden nail polish perfect for layering any color and it changes the color of your basecoat.  In the pics you will see Serena and Dawn together and you will see one nail without Serena, the difference is huge.  I love the way it looks, reminds me of the sunset.

To my Puerto Rican readers, Serena brand is only 0.99 cents and I have been to Pepe Ganga and there they have a very big display with lots of colors. I also have two more colors from Serena which later on will show you. Thank you for reading Ladies and Gents, I am off, my patients await me.

Middle finger without Serena Sparkling Rose.

Golden Sparkly Orange Goodness.

And I decided to do some stamping on the ring finger.

Till Later!


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  2. This color is perfect on you!

    Congrats on your growing blog & here are some awards!

  3. That heart is great! what type of tool did you use to do it?

  4. Thxs! It is bundlemonster plate 202 with konad special polish in white.

  5. wow that is a really nice colour!

  6. Thxs ;-) too bad I did not buy the others from the collection

  7. Es un plato de bundlemonster d el set 25 piezas, el nuevo q salio...


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