Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mega Haul Part 3

Hello Girlies! Here is Part 3, it is so exhausting taking pics, swatching and all that stuff, when there is a lot of polish the fun factor fades away a bit, lol! Ok on with Haul, from left to right, Sally Girl Glitter Pink (holo), Revlon Just Tinted in Dawn, Seche Dry Fast (I heard Angel's singing when I put this on last night, whoever invented Seche I might have to kiss their feet! Rofl, China Glaze Atlantis, Orly Razzle and a Color Club lipgloss called Spell on you, yes lipglosses from their Halloween Collection.

Also I got a tiny sheet of decals from Color Club, the Halloween ones, yes I luv Halloween, and tiny stuff takes my breath away, but not tiny polish brushes those suck hugely! Well I hope my girlies enjoyed my Mega Haul, I cannot believe how much I spent even though it was most of it on sale, darn I bought a lot of stuff, still I deserve it I was sick and I needed a pick me up. All the items on my Mega Haul parts 1, 2 and 3 I bought with my own money. Till later Girlies!

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