Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Latest hair styles!!!

So are you thinking of going to the salon but don't know what to get done?? Well here are listed the Hair Trends for 2009. Take a look:

1930-1940's Hair Glamour

  • Finger Waving and Pin Curlings
  • Deep Side Parts.
  • Accesories to clip one or both sides of the hair.
80's Hairstyles
  • Yes they are making a comeback, so for all those teenagers that missed out on the 80's here's your chance. ( I for one thing, did not miss the 80's so, I am not going there again!)
  • It's an improved and modern approach of those hairstyles.
The mohawk
  • Both now for men and women.
  • You can have a mock version of the mohawk, meaning you don't have to shave the sides of your head to achieve it.
Mixture of Textures and Elements
  • Combine three or more of this elements: Curl, crimped or heavily textured, small braids, disconnected cuts.
  • Be creative combine, some bangs with curls and small braids, go crazy thats what it's all about!
Asymmetric Cuts
  • They are still gaining many heads out there.
  • Asymmetric meaning cutting one side shorter than the other.
Curly hair
  • Yes its back!!
  • Loose voluptous waves.
  • Tight spiral curls.
  • Smooth finger waves and pincurls.
So there you have it now you can go to the Hairstylist and ask what you want, and look trendy and fashionable. Take care gals, see ya soon with more advice on a little bit of everything!! xoxoxo

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